3Min Max

The easy 3 minute tyre check that might just save your life…

If you are planning a long journey or have a week of commuting or school runs ahead, you may want to make sure the rest of your car passes a safety check. Here are some important things to look at:

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    If you have a mobile phone and are likely to have to make or receive calls during your journey, make sure you have a hands-free device in your car – to be legal and safe. Better still make calls before you leave or wait until you reach your destination so that you are fully concentrating on the road whilst driving. More »

  • Secure loose objects…more info

    If you have various loose objects either in the front or back of your car, make sure they are secured. If you have to take a sharp turn or break suddenly, flying loose objects can be dangerous to yourself and your passengers. More »

  • Check your lights…more info

    Unclean lights will not work as well and you risk not being seen clearly, so always check to see if they are free from dirt or dust. Switch your lights on to check that they all work, as bulbs can fail and you may not always notice. More »

  • Check your wipers…more info

    Check your windscreen wipers to see if they work properly. Give them a wipe to get rid of any residual dirt, check for any splits in the rubber and make sure they are secured well. Switch the wipers on and the windscreen washer to see if they work properly to give you the best view possible. Repeat process with the rear wiper. More »

  • Check your screenwash…more info

    Running out of screenwash whilst driving can seriously affect your vision and it is an endorsable offence. Jump into the driver’s seat and switch on your screen wash to check it works properly. The screenwash reservoir cap should be clearly marked with a screenwash image or sign. Take off the cap and if you can’t see any fluid, then it needs topping up. More »

  • Check your brakes…more infoHome Page >

    Finally, make sure your brakes are working properly by taking your car to the garage to get them checked. You should be able to stop safely. Always remember that you need to increase your distance to the car in front in wet or winter conditions. See www.tyresforlife.co.uk for more information. More »