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Driving with tyres with less than the legal minimum tread depth carries a penalty of up to £2500 and three points on your licence.

The minimum legal tread limit in the UK and Ireland is 1.6mm. At this limit, your tyres and brakes may be only 55% effective in the wet.

Check your tread depth using a tyre tread gauge (which is inexpensive and available from most tyre retailers and other motoring) or use the built-in tread indicator on your tyre if there is one. Check across the central 75% of the tread at three separate points.

tread check instructions

All 4 tyres may vary so make sure you check them all.

The gauge or indicator will clearly show if you are near to this limit. Industry experts say that 3mm is a safer limit, so you might consider changing your tyres at this depth. See www.tyresforlife.co.uk for more information.

If your tyre tread is too low, contact your nearest tyre fitters and book your car in to get your tyre(s) replaced. If your tread depth varies across the tread, your tyres may be wearing unevenly so it is best to get them checked.

Find your nearest tyre fitters.

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