3Min Max

Most vehicles have a pressure guide on the inside of the driver’s door or petrol cap. You will need a tyre pressure gauge for this check which is inexpensive and available from most tyre retailer and other motoring outlets.

Remove the cap from the valve on the tyre. Put this somewhere safe and make sure it doesn’t get any grit in it. Press the tyre gauge hard onto the valve, note the reading and then replace the valve cap. Repeat the process with all tyres (including the spare – many people forget this and if needed, it’s too late).

If your tyre pressures are low, you’ll need to pump them up. If you don’t have your own foot pump or compressor, take your car to the nearest service station and use the air pump to achieve the pressure recommended in your vehicle manual. Replace the cap on the valve. To make your tyre checks easier in the future, think about getting your own pump or compressor.

If you are having difficulty keeping your tyres inflated, there may be other problems. In this case, pop into your nearest tyre fitters and get them to do a quick check. This is often free to do, and worth it in case there is a slow puncture or a faulty valve.

Find your nearest tyre fitters.

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